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Snatch: Discover thousands of prizes and
experiences from the world's top brands

Snatch is a free to play, virtual treasure hunt. Using augmented reality, grab parcels hidden
around you virtually, then protect them from others who are trying to Snatch from you.

You could win a free holiday, tickets to a gig, rewards and even hard cash.
Just by stepping outside your door.


"One of the best startups I saw at WebSummit 2016"

Fred Schonenberg, The Drum & VentureFuel

International Invite

Snatchers if you live somewhere outside the uk,
you can now request your invitation and you will
be able to play very soon.

Heading to SXSW?

Get your mates involved

We place more parcels near you when more people play. Share Snatch with your mates and you'll each get free coins to be used for Snatching and defending Snatches. Download the app and access your unique promotion code within the menu bar.

We also share exclusive news, updates and secret tips via;

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Snatch is available to download for free.