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Game Updates

Announcement For Android
We will be making constant updates based on the feedback we get from our community. There are a whole host of seriously cool features and prizes that we will be launching in the the coming weeks and months.
18th September 2017 – Version 1.60 Release
  • Added support for the Personal Safe tool.
  • Added support for streaks starting at 6am.
  • Tip Cards displayed every time the game is started.

Your Account

Can I change my username?
At the moment this is not possible but hold tight, this feature will be possible in the future. 
We will notify you when this feature is ready. 
Why can't I access my account anymore?
Firstly you need to make sure you registered your account with your correct phone number. This means you will be able to receive verification codes to ensure you can access your account.
A slow network connection could also be affecting your ability to log on, in which case you should check your internet is working before emailing in. Lastly, you may have contravened our terms of use, which you can read here: https://www.snatchhq.com/acceptable 
Please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Us tab in the top right corner of the screen for further info and advice.
How do I delete my account?
We would be sad to see you go, and if there’s anything we can do to change your mind then do let us know. 
However, if you really want to leave then we can deactivate your account and you will no longer be a member of the Snatch community.  Get in touch by using the Contact Us tab in the top right hand corner and we will take it from there.
I am under 18. Can I still play the game?
Sorry, but you must be 18 or over to play the game. 
Take a look at our full Terms and Conditions for more information.
What do I do if my verification code isn't working?
Enter your phone number to be sent a code and you should be able to register problem free. If this does not solve the problem, send us a message using the Contact Us tab in the top right hand corner.
Make sure you have put your country code in correctly when prompted. 

Playing Snatch – The Basics

How do I play the game?

The object of Snatch is to collect virtual parcels for prizes. This can be done by either picking them up from various locations on the map, or by snatching them from other players.

To discover others that are using the app and who may have a parcel that can be snatched, tap on the people icon located at the lower left corner of the main game screen. A new tab will open with a list of other snatchers. Tap SNATCH button to snatch from them

Players will only appear on this list if:
-They are within a distance of 1.5km from you.
-They are currently holding a parcel
-They are not currently snatching
-They are not currently defend a parcel
-They are not in a safehouse
-They are not hiding under a tent, cloak or smoke screen.

You can defend yourself by either entering a safehouse location, or by using one of the defensive tools.

A parcel has a 6 hour lifespan until the prize is revealed. This lifespan continues from snatcher to snatcher. Tap reveal when the 6 hours is up and the parcel is secured.

Can other players see me?

Yes, if you are holding a parcel you will appear on a Snatchers nearby players list if you are within 1.5km of their location.

You can avoid this by being really sneaky. There are few ways to hide yourself from other Snatchers.

  • First, find yourself a Safehouse and check in and remain invisible for at least an hour.
  • Secondly, you can drop a Tent, Invisibility Cloak or Smokescreen to hide from other players. They’ll cost you, but to save your precious swag? We reckon it’s worth it.
Parcel capacity limited to 10? How can I increase my parcel capacity?

Usually, the limit on the number of parcels you can have at any given time is 10. Once you go above this you will not be able to snatch from nearby players or collect parcels.

However, by using our super weapons, such as the Tornado and Supermassive Black Hole, you can Snatch up to 30 and 50 parcels with them respectively. Pretty great right?

What is that green house icon (Safehouse)?

The green house icons are called Safehouses and they exist to offer salvation to Snatchers who want to have a rest and a bite to eat or grab some deals while being protected from other pesky Snatchers.

These venues could be a bar, restaurant, hotel, retail outlet, cinema or pretty much any area of interest – you can check in at any point.

Once you check in, you will receive an offer from you host to enjoy while you are there.

Each safehouse will protect you for a set amount of time as long as you stay within certain radius from the Safehouse. The time and radius will vary from venue to venue and will be displayed on the Safehouse card.

What does my rating actually mean?

As you can see on your profile, you have a number of parcels collected, snatched as well as lost. You are then judged to be a ‘Collector’, ‘Snatcher’ or ‘Provider’ based on the largest number of each of these metrics.

For example, if you have collected 300 parcels but lost 301, you will be considered a ‘Provider’.

Now in terms how your level corresponds to your number of parcels:
• Amateur – Still a fledgling snatcher, with plenty of room for improvement.
• Budding – You’ve taken the first steps up the Snatcher ladder, although it’s a long old ladder.
• Seasoned – The learner plates are off – you can mix it with the best.
• Experienced – You are a force to be reckoned with. Other Snatchers approach you with caution.
• Pro – You are fearless in your approach. Just looking at your stats is enough to intimidate most other Snatchers.
• Prolific – Exactly what it says on the tin. You are relentless in your Snatching. No one is safe.
• Dedicated – Terminator. Few have ever escaped your clutches.
• Master – Pure and simple, you are a black belt in Snatching.

When I've Snatched from someone, can they Snatch back?

Snatching is obviously much more fun if you can get away. As soon as you have Snatched from someone they can snatch it back unless you use the smoke screen when you defend which gives you 15 minutes which is enough time to make your escape – you sneaky snatcher you!

After that time they can Snatch it back!

How do I know which parcel will be Snatched?!

You don’t. It is random!!

Why does the circle on my radius keep changing colour?

This is what they mean..

  • RED: Being attacked
  • GREEN: Can’t be snatched
  • PURPLE: Attacking
  • WHITE: No internet connection
  • YELLOW: On alert

Snatching & Defending

How do I Snatch other players' parcels?

Picking up parcels is one thing, but Snatching is a whole different ball game. When someone is within your range (1.5km), their avatar will appear on your nearby players list. For 25 coins, you can try to Snatch their parcel from them. They will have 3 minutes to try and defend themselves before their parcel is yours.

Remember, you can also connect your account to Facebook and use Snatch from friends. Wherever your friends are up and down the country, you will be able to Snatch from them.

Once picked up, parcels only need to be held for 6 hours. If you Snatch one that’s been held for 5 hours and 30 minutes, you’ll only need to hold onto it for another 30 minutes before you get to see what treasures await.

How does the Black Hole work?

You remember basic physics right? Our version of a black hole is just as devastating as those you learnt about in your youth.
Deploy it anywhere within 5km of your location and it will proceed to Snatch up to 10 parcels from other players in a 500m radius from where you drop it.

You only have one deployment per day, and it will only Snatch for 120 minutes. If you are lucky, you could snatch up to 10 parcels.

Note: One weapon snatches only one parcel from one player.

How does the Supermassive Black Hole work?

The Supermassive Black Hole is the big brother of the black hole. Essentially the same rules as the black hole apply – deploy anywhere within 5000 metres from your location and watch the carnage unfold. If you are lucky, it could Snatch up to 50 parcels from unsuspecting users within a 1000m radius. What’s more, it lasts for 240 minutes.

Note: One weapon snatches only one parcel from one player.

How does the Tornado work?

Use the Tornado to Snatch up to 30 parcels from other players within a 750 metre radius of where you drop it (you can drop up to 5000 metres from your location). Keep in mind Tornadoes are uncontrollable and can move on the map.

If you are lucky and drop it at a busy location of Snatchers, it will wreak havoc for 120 minutes.

Note: One weapon snatches only one parcel from one player.

How does the Personal Safe work?

You can only use the safe at bedtime (between 10pm and midnight to be precise). The safe will slam shut for 6 hours from the moment you deploy it. 

While the safe is shut, the time left to secure your parcel will continue to tick down in the same way it would normally.

Just because your swag is locked up doesn’t mean Snatchers won’t still try and steal your parcels. However, they will only have a 25% chance of success with each attempt they make to Snatch.

Can I use more than one super weapon at a time?

Of course. You could use the Tornado, Black Hole and Supermassive Black hole at once if you really wanted to punish other nearby Snatchers. For example, place all three at different (ideally busy locations) in your town (they have to be within 5km of your location) and clean up.

Any hints and tips when using super weapons?

There are number of tips to bear in mind when thinking about using the range of weapons and features available. Firstly, remember that the Black Hole, Supermassive Black Hole and tornado will only SNATCH parcels, not collect them.

If possible, make sure your inventory is full before launching a weapon; once the Black Hole, Supermassive Black Hole or Tornado Snatches more than 10 parcels, that is it, you can’t manually pick up or snatch any more.

Again, bear in mind all the weapons and defence tools have a time limit, so think about when you deploy.

We will also be keeping you updated with hints and tips on our social channels @snatchhq and facebook.com/SnatchHQ

For a more extensive look at hints and tips, head over to our blog at blog.snatchhq.com

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