These rules are put in place to make the game a fair experience for all our players. We want Snatch to be enjoyed in a fair and safe environment. Please follow our guidelines to ensure you and other players have a great time.


You may meet people in your area who play Snatch. Please remember that need to respect them. This means you should NEVER harm, embarrass, defame, stalk, threaten or violate their legal rights. Any violations can result in your account being suspended.

Please don’t post, repost or reveal any information about another player’s identity. You should not disclose sensitive information such as their address, telephone number, email address even if the player discloses this information to you. Sharing such information can result in the loss of your account.

Please respect bystanders and other players. Actions that you may not necessarily deem harmless may be found offensive by others. Treat other people the way you would like to be treated – be courteous.

Remember just because you are playing a game it doesn’t make you exempt from the laws and rules of the real world. Please be vigilant when walking – watch where you’re going and be careful when crossing roads. Please do not trespass anywhere or attempt to to gain access you have not be granted permission.

Any false claims about real life prizes will not be tolerated.

Offensive Usernames

Make sure that you are not being inappropriate. We review usernames on a regular basis. Anyone found to possess a username containing sexual content, hate speech, racism, obscenity or abuse targeted at another player will have access to their account removed.


Under no circumstances do we approve you to use any third party software in coherence with the Snatch application. This is cheating and will create an unfair experience for the community. We encourage that our players go out and explore the world. Examples of unlicensed, unofficial or modified software include GPS Spoofing to change your location. This is something we take extremely seriously and result in your account being suspended.

Please do not share your account with anyone else. This is not permitted.

Please do not make multiple accounts. It has come to our attention that players are using multiple accounts to “boost” their levels. This is something that we will not tolerate and we will take the appropriate action if necessary.

Real World Selling

It is not permitted for you to sell any prizes in the real world. Please do not do this or it may result in the loss of your account.

Age Restriction

You need to be 18 or older to play Snatch. This is due to many of our prizes being age restricted. You will be asked to provide proof of age in order to receive prizes. This must match the date of birth attached to your account.















Rules of Snatch